About Me

Who The Heck Am I?!
I'm just your not so average Southern Housewife who marches to the beat of her own drum.

I'm a nerd, a fangirl, a makeup junkie, a writer, an artist, and an all around awesome person. It's true.

What Is The Purpose Of This Thing?!
Mark Twain very wisely said: "Write what you know.", so I am taking his advice, not only with my novel, but with this blog. What do I know? Lots of things (except for the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow- African, European, or otherwise), but I intend to focus on the qualities I listed above, with an emphasis on makeup.

Why Makeup?!
Why not? 

Makeup is often viewed as a way for women to cover up their features. I say: Psh. I view makeup as not only a way to enhance your natural features, but as an art form as well. Just like with any art it takes time and practice to develop a skill, and once it is mastered it is a pretty awesome thing. 

The looks I tend to go for lean on the dramatic side. Actually, let me be honest: I don't believe in "wearable" makeup. Who the heck defined "wearable" anyways? I say, where what you want, express yourself. Now does this mean I'm going to post a look featuring neon orange and puke green eyeshadow right next to one another with blue mascara? Heck no. Drama does not equal tacky. My intent is to show how these so called "non-wearable" looks can in fact work for just running to the grocery store.Drama isn't everything, however. Even I can't go all out everyday. So, don't worry, I can so simple just as well as I can do drama. But, just to let you know, when October comes around, it's on like Donkey Kong. Special effects makeup here I come. 

What About The Other Stuff?! 
You mean the nerd/fangirl/writer/artist/awesomeness? Yeah, that stuff will definitely be a key feature. Just you wait and see.

Anything Else?!
I don't want this just to be a makeup blog. I want things to be real. So, from time to time you'll see me open up about things, or even rant a little. You never know.


So there you have it. The "About Me" page.

I think that a good friend of mine summed me up best:

I'm just a Little Red Riding Hood With Fangs.

Later My Freaky Darlings.